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Safeguarding Statement

We are fully committed to comprehensive safeguarding practices aimed at ensuring children are safe in both school and at home.  The following is a summary of our safeguarding in practice here at Hamer School:


· All staff are DBS checked as part of the recruitment procedures and are made aware of our safeguarding policies & procedures during their induction. 

· All staff annually attend safeguarding training as part of their INSET.

· When conducting each recruitment process, one member of SLT who has attended the Safer Recruitment training would always be on the panel.

· All visitors to school are signed in at reception and accompanied by a member of staff whilst in school. Professional partners such as RANS do not always have a member of staff with them, e.g. when working with individual children, however they are DBS checked by the Local Education Authority.

· Visiting professionals/supply staff are asked to show photographic identification prior to entering school and their DBS details would be confirmed by their employer.

· All adults who collect children from school at any point in the school day must be on the contact list in the office/classroom or children do not leave the building .

· All permanent members of staff have photographic ID for swipe-card entry

· All entry points into the building are safeguarded with self-locking security doors with electronic keypads, the codes of which are changed regularly

· The PSHCE curriculum teaches children how to look after themselves and to keep safe and identifies safe adults beyond the family to confide in at times of distress or identified danger

· E-Safety is a taught module within the Computing curriculum which happens in the first half term of each new school year, generating public display and E Safety is continually referred back to in the teaching of Computing lessons

· All staff employed by Hamer school are aware of and use the CPOMs system.  This informs senior staff of any concerns in regards to the wellbeing of our children.

· A first day response is in place for all children that are absent from school. This would be a phone call home, followed by a home visit if required.

· Prevent Radicalisation and Extremism training for staff and, moving forward, older children through the Community Cohesion British Values partnership with Marland Hill Primary school.

As part of HAMER COMMUNITY PRIMARY SCHOOL’S commitment to keeping children safe we have signed up to implement the principles and aims of the Encompass Model.


In signing up to Encompass the Governing Body and Senior Leadership Team:


• Endorse the Encompass Model and support the Key Adults in our school to fulfil the requirements of the Rochdale Encompass Protocol


• Promote and implement Rochdale Encompass processes and use these in accordance with internal safeguarding children processes


• Recognise the sensitive nature of the information provided and ensure that this is retained in accordance with the principles of data protection




Gill Lowe  (Chair of Governors)                                               V Terry (Head Teacher)