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At Hamer School, we have responded to changes in the national curriculum and nationally heightened expectations positively. We saw these centrally devolved changes as an opportunity to build our own tailor-made curriculum.


This is something that we are building up over time and we are viewing this as a creative work in progress.


We began the process of working together in curriculum teams to select cross curricular topics, choose texts to plan around in all English sessions, and hike up expectations in Maths. The whole piece of work means that Hamer’s curriculum is designed to ensure that our professionals are passionate about its delivery and it is built around the interests and our knowledge of the children whose academic development we aim to move forward with every lesson.


Our vision is to provide progressive depth and breadth of coverage with aspiration and innovation at the heart of all we do.


The document was essentially completed after two years of building this up at the end of the Summer Term in 2017.  You will see, over time, that it grows and changes as we continue to update it.


Running alongside our Curriculum, you can read about how we use Assertive Mentoring as our in-school assessment system that allows us to track chidlren’s progress and assists us in identifying gaps in learning to inform planning tailored to the needs of all of our children.


If you would like more information on the curriculum we follow please contact the school office who will direct your query to the correct person.


The aim – Care, Challenge and FUN at the centre of all learning.


The Hamer Primary Curriculum