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Hamer Community Primary School

Governing Body




Category of Governor


Term of Office


Term of Office


Mr Simon Moore


 Curriculum & Pupils, Resources

01 September 2014

31 August 2018

Mrs Shasta Bi

Chair of Governors (Parent)

Complaints, Headteacher appraisal, Personnel Appeals

19 October 2014

18 October       2018

Fathima Begum

Vice Chair of Governors (Community)

Complaints, Headteacher appraisal, Personnel & Pay, Resources

18 June 2014

17 June 2018

Mrs Safaida Bi


Complaints, Personnel & Pay, Resources

16 December 2014

15 December 2018





Mr Safraz Chaudry


Curriculum & Pupils

27 July 2015

26 July 2019

Mr Motahir Khan


Headteacher Appraisal, Personnel Appeals

27 July 2015

26 July 2019

Clare John


Curriculum & Pupils, Personnel & Pay

17 June 2015

16 June 2019






Mrs Hazel Coward

Staff (Non Teaching)

Curriculum & Pupils, Resources 

01 June 2014

31 May 2018

Mrs Jennifer Hoyle

Staff (Teaching)

Curriculum & Pupils, Resources 

1 September 2016

31 August 2019


Currently there is one Governor with a pecuniary business interests. Mr Safraz Chaudry supports school as an independent IT consultant.


No Governors have any relationship with or have family members who are on school staff.


Mrs Victoria Terry (Deputy Headteacher) is also an observer at all Governing Body meetings and sub committee meetings. In addition, TLR post holders will be expected to regularly contribute to school improvement planning discussions with the Governing Body.

Meeting Attendance

The following information shows the attendance at Governing Board Meetings throughout 2016/17


Attendance at Full Governing Board Meetings for 2016-2017

Autumn Term

Ms Bi, Ms John, Mrs Hamid, Mrs Bi, Mr Chaudry, Mrs Coward, Mrs Hoyle, Mr Khan

Spring Term

Ms Bi, Ms John, Mrs Bi, Mr Chaudry, Mrs Coward, Mrs F Begum, Mrs Hoyle, Mr Khan

Summer Term

Not given yet


Apologies were offered by:



Attendance at Sub Committee Meetings

Pay and Personnel 11th October 2016

C John, D Walsh, F Begum, S Bi

Curriculum and pupils 27th September 2016

C John, F Begum, S Bi.

Resources Committee 4th October 2016

J Hoyle, C John, F Begum, S Bi, D Walsh, T Nadin





Pay and Personnel 17th January 2017

C John S Bi, F Hamid S Bi

Curriculum and pupils 23rd January 2017

S Chaudry, J Hoyle, H Coward, S Bi, V Terry, M Fierro

Resources Committee 17th January

C John, S Bi, F Hamid, S Bi, H Coward



Pay and Personnel 25th April 2017

C John, S Bi, J Hoyle, S Bi, D Walsh

Curriculum and pupils 2nd May 2017

C John, S Bi, H Coward, M Fierro, V Terry, J Hoyle

Resources Committee 4th May 2017

C John, S Bi, J Hoyle, S Bi, H Coward, D Walsh


Full Governing Body Meetings (2016-17)


Please note the following dates for Full Governing Body Meetings this academic year:


Autumn Term: Wednesday 16th November @ 5.00pm

Spring Term: Tuesday 31st January @ 5.00pm

Summer Term: Tuesday 6th June @ 5.00pm


Please also be reminded that there is the IPLCN Annual Governors session on Tuesday 13th September 6:30 - 8:00pm where we need as full representation as possible.

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Dear Governors,


And so the term begins!  Hamer Teachers started back yesterday and the children are back in tomorrow.  The school is a hive of activity, getting things prepared.  I thought it would be a good idea for me to report to you all on some of the exciting initiatives that are being planned for in order to move forward to further embrace the challenges of the new curriculum and innovate around current Inspection and National Agenda foci.


Hamer is working to develop its own tailor-made creative curriculum.  Forging forward with the embedded pedagogies of the IPC, our enthusiastic and motivated teaching team have taken some bold and exciting steps which include:


Planning around texts Every English Lesson, whether the focus be grammar, sentence, punctuation, genre construction or drama, will stem from immersion in a half termly class novel.  This ensures that the thirst for knowledge and enjoyment in reading is at the very heart of all we do here at Hamer.  Research shows that this is a highly effective approach to ensuring the link between reading and writing skills is cohesive and implicit.  All of the content of the National Curriculum will be delivered through this exciting approach, about which the staff have been incredibly positive and put in lots of hard work to ensure the creativity is flowing from the off!


Breadth of Coverage and Mastery: Further to this, in order to ensure that breadth of coverage is taking place and that we are not seen as a school that focuses narrowly on attainment in Maths and English, (a key focus for Inspection, currently) the Foundation Subjects taught mainly in the afternoon have been re-planned and tailored towards providing a curriculum that is not only about the acquisition of knowledge in other subject areas but also has timetabled opportunities to demonstrate the Application and Mastery of literacy and numeracy skills in exciting, topic-based contexts.  Subject leaders are taking increasing responsibility to monitor both coverage and mastery of the skills in their curriculum areas.


Assertive Mentoring:  To ensure that repeated measures are taken to embed and assess the development of core numeracy and literacy skills, the school is now fully implementing assertive mentoring practices.  These are shorter, skills-based sessions designed to promote the acquisition and maintenance of key skills.  Those of you have children in the school will hear all about it through them, no doubt!  Those of you who don’t, (or indeed anyone who does), I would encourage to make a 30 minute appointment to come into school so that you can see all of this in action.  In this case, I would advise making the appointment anytime from the start of October, so that practices have a chance to become established.


And Finally……(for now!)

The Annual Governors IPLCN training event will be held at St Andrew’s School at 6.30 – 8pm on Thursday 22nd October.  Please put this date in your diaries and let’s go en-masse to start the year as we mean to go on.  If anyone has transport issues, do let me know and lifts can most definitely be arranged between us.


The children are back in tomorrow and we can’t wait to see them! 


Looking forward to an exciting year of moving forward together at Hamer with you all,


Best wishes,



Community Governors

Hamer is delighted to announce that Mrs Shasta Bi has been re-elected by the Governing Body as a Community Governor for the school.  In addition, it gives us great pleasure in announcing that Mrs Fathima Begum was also appointed by the Governing Body as a Community Governor this week.  Thank you both for your commitment to the school.  (18th June 2014)

Appointment of a New Parent Governor

We are delighted to announce that Mrs Safaida Bi has been appointed by the Local Authority to the Governing Body here at Hamer.  We are really looking forward to working with another committed Hamer parent on the leadership team and we would like to extend a warm welcome and our congratulations to Safaida on her appointment.  (16th January 2015)

Governing Body and Parent Voice

I just wanted to say how lucky we are that we have parents who wish to work with us to shape our provision here at Hamer.  At the last Governing Body meeting, Ms Begum fed back that parents had wanted to have more clubs and activities.  You will see below that we really have responded….!


Maths Club

An exciting, new opportunity has arisen for 20 children from Lower KS2 to be part of Hamer’s first Maths Club!!  Initially, there will be 5 Friday sessions, starting on 28th February at 12.30-1pm in Mr Nadin’s classroom. Lower KS2 children can collect a form from their teacher.


After-school football

There will now be 2 sessions of football after school.  Y5 and 6 will have their session on a Monday and Year 3 and 4 will have their session on a Wednesday.   Letters went out this week.  Clubs attendance will be reviewed each half term to allow everybody the chance to come at some point in the school year. We have also started a football team, who train on Mondays.


The school also offers:
*SAT's Booster Classes

*Hamer Quiz Masters

*Ukulele Club

*Drum Club

*Reading University

*Reading Partnership

*Dance/Gymnastics Club

*Cricket Club

School Trips Provision at Hamer

Parent voice came through your hard-working Governing Body.  Questions were raised from some parents around the Trips Provision in school. 


The table below demonstrates the extensive trips and activities that have taken place and are planned to take place during this Academic Year.  After reading this, we welcome any further questions or feedback to come through our School Governors who work so hard on behalf of all our parents and families.  Thank you, as always, for your continued support.





Notes / Curriculum area


Odeon Cinema

Termly Attendance Prize



Pizza Hut

Half Termly Lunchtime Behaviour Award




Inventors Wanted Play

LKS2 Educational Visit


Fisher Mobile Farm

Mobile Farm visit to school

EYFS Educational


Pizza Hut

Half Termly Lunchtime Behaviour Award



Lightwater Valley

Post SATS trip



Odeon Cinema

Termly Attendance Prize



Portals to the past

Stone Age Workshop

LKS2 Educational



All About Me exhibition

UKS2 Educational Visit


Pizza Hut

Half Termly Lunchtime Behaviour Award



West End in Schools

Dance Workshop

Whole School


Chill Factore

Snow & Santa

EYFS Educational Visit


The Pop Project

Christmas Show

Whole School


Pizza Hut

Half Termly Lunchtime Behaviour Award



Mobile Stars Planetarium

Planetarium Shows

Whole School


Odeon Cinema

Termly Attendance Prize




Annual Residential

Year 5


M&M Productions

Cinderella Pantomime

Whole School


Pizza Hut

Half Termly Lunchtime Behaviour Award



The Pop Project

World Book Week Show

Whole School


Pizza Hut

Half Termly Lunchtime Behaviour Award



Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Fairgrounds/Science Forces

UKS2 Educational Visit

19/01/2016 Eden Camp World War 2


Educational Visit

10/02/2016 Pop Project British Values Performance Whole School
24/02/2016 Opera House World War 2-Goodnight Mr Tom


Educational Visit