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British Values

According to Ofsted, 'fundamental British values' are:

· democracy.

· the rule of law.

· individual liberty.

· mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith.


Promoting British values in schools  is a statutory requirement and, additionally to this, here at Hamer, we define clearly what we believe are British Values.  Central to this term are the following concepts:


  • Working together to achieve common successes
  • Being appreciative of, valuing and respecting difference
  • Thinking about others as well as ourselves
  • Being healthy, respectful, thoughtful members of the community
  • Seeing ourselves as Global Citizens with an appreciative understanding of the rights, values, cultures and traditions of our fellow Global Citizens


In this section of the website, you will see how we do work together with these values at the heart of all learning and activity.  We also acknowledge that values such as the ones we define and actively seek to promote as “British” are ones which run through, and therefore unite us with, countries and people across the world.

We hope you enjoy our work and experiences as published in this part of the website.

St George's Day

Assembly to celebrate Queen Elizabeth's 90th Birthday

British Values Raggy dolls and tolerance

Foodbank Assembly

Foodbank Assembly 1
Foodbank Assembly 2
Foodbank Assembly 3
Foodbank Assembly 4

Sponsored Walk 2015

On Monday 6th July 2015, the children from across all of our key stages took part in a sponsored walk. The children in Foundation and Key Stage 1 took part in a walk around the school's back field, whilst the children in Key Stage 2 managed to dodge the rain, walking to and from Hollingworth Lake. All the children were fantastically behaved and had a great time.  


As a result of the generous contributions from our kind hearted families, we were able to raise a whopping £502.00 for the Rochdale Foodbank.


A great big thank you must go to Miss Mullane for her meticulous planning and organisation of the event.