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RSE Statement

RSE Statement:


In September 2020, all schools will be required to follow the statutory guidance for Relationships Education, Relationships and Sexual Education (RSE) and Health Education. The intention of the guidance is to support schools to deliver compulsory Relationships and Sex Education in an age appropriate and developmentally appropriate way.


In our school, we will deliver RHE – Relationships and Health Education.

The focus of our curriculum will be ensuring children are taught about respect and making positive choices with regards to all aspects of relationships and health. We believe this is crucial in preparing them for the next stage of their lives and education and will support them in making a positive contribution to society and their community.


We want the children in our school:

To feel safe

To be kind

To be proud of their identity

To be heard and be able to share their experiences and knowledge demonstrating good levels of understanding

To have the freedom to ask questions

To be knowledgeable and have a clear understanding of diversity

To feel respected and be able to show respect to others

To be prepared for life and the challenges of living in Modern Britain

To be able to celebrate and understand differences


We want the adults in our school:

To feel safe and supported

To be positive role models for children and young people

To be able to answer questions confidently

To be confident discussing issues around RHE/RSE

To ask questions

To use a universal language within school and the Local Authority in order to ensure consistency of information to all

To access training

To have access to high quality resources to support the delivery of RHE


We want our school community:

To trust the school and understand our common goal is to prepare children and young people for the next stage of their life and education

To be confident discussing issues raised by RHE

To ask questions

To be positive role models for children and young people

To be proud of the identities represented in our school

To engage in open conversations

To be knowledgeable and confident to support children and young people

To acknowledge that we are all different and we are all equal

To share good news stories

To celebrate equality and diversity through active engagement in community events