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SLT/TLR Leadership Event

SLT/TLR Leadership Event 

On Saturday 28th February 2015, senior leaders, along with middle leaders, took part in a leadership event to explore the key role leaders play in school and how this will impact on the our journey to becoming an outstanding school . 


The day consisted of various workshops led by Mr Moore (Headteacher) and Mrs Terry (Deputy).


Session one:  “Exploring Communication Models”


Session Summary:  This workshop focuses on using creative art media to express and demonstrate a model of what “good communication” looks and feels like.  The session is based on the work of “Gesthalt” a play therapy guru. We will hopefully then clarify, as a team, what we wish to strive for in terms of embedding an effective vision for communication in our future as an outstanding school.


Session Two:Self-assessment and discussion”

This session is aimed at allowing TLR’s the opportunity to reflect around the role, its demands, challenges and roles.  We will start with a self-analysis exercise and then generate our own questions to explore and analyse the key role we have in school.


Session Three:  “Transactional Analysis”

Looking at Berne’s theory, we will explore the situational application of this approach to leadership dialogue in challenging circumstances to achieve a consistent and healthy state of professional balance.