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School policy relating to hairstyles

Dear Parents/Carers,


I am writing to remind all parents of the school uniform policy relating to hairstyles.  Children must not have hairstyles fitting the following descriptions:


*Lines shaved into the hair

*Patterns shaved into the hair

*Hairstyles which are extreme.  This includes hairstyles where the sides are much shorter than the top


I do thank all parents who have not chosen hairstyles that can be described as above for their children, as this is something that has appeared on several newsletters already this year and is in the School’s Handbook for Parents.


If you now realise, upon receipt of this letter, your child’s hair does fall short of our expectations, on this occasion, your child may remain in school today and you have the opportunity to revisit the barber or hairdresser over the weekend to adjust the style in accordance with school policy.


In future, however, should any such hairstyle appear in school, you will be contacted to come and collect your child who would only be allowed back when the hairstyle conforms to Hamer policy as clearly outlined in this letter and in the Parents Handbook.


I thank all of our Hamer parents, as always, for their continued support.


Mr Moore