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Parent workshops

Thank you to those of you who attended one of our workshops this week. I think you will agree that these were fantastic and feedback from you was very positive. Unfortunately, attendance was not as great as we had anticipated, with a number of people who had said they would attend on the reply slips, failing to come. This resulted in one workshop having to be cancelled at the last minute, meaning that the huge amount of preparation that had been put in to organising it was wasted and that other workshops were over staffed by people who could have been deployed to better effect elsewhere in the school. I have included sets of attendance data below for your information:


5 ways to wellbeing

24 expected

9 attended

First Aid/CPR

23 expected

7 attended

Healthy lunchboxes

16 expected

3 attended

Families and Diversity

17 expected

2 attended so had to be cancelled