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Ofsted says we're a 'good' school

Summary of the key findings for pupils and parents


This is a good school.


*Children get off to a good start in the Early Years Foundation Stage.

*Standards in Key Stages 1 and 2 have risen to broadly average following a dip in 2012.  Pupils make good progress in reading and mathematics and outstanding progress in writing. 

*Pupils eligible for support from the pupil premium funding make the same good progress as that of their peers and achieve well. 

*Teaching overall is good and some is outstanding. Teachers regularly check pupils’ progress and any pupil at risk of falling behind is given additional support. 

*Pupils behave well in lessons and around school. They say they feel safe and bullying is rare. Excellent relationships create a positive environment in which pupils can learn. 

*Changes to the curriculum have improved pupils’ learning in reading, writing and mathematics as well as widening their experiences of other subjects. The curriculum has a positive impact on the pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. 

*The headteacher, supported by the senior leadership team, manages teachers very well to secure constant improvement in pupils’ achievement and the quality of teaching. 

*The governors hold the headteacher to account by asking challenging questions and checking on progress to ensure that the school continues to improve. 


It is not yet an outstanding school because


*Teaching is not yet consistently outstanding in its impact on pupils’ overall achievement, especially in mathematics.

*In a small number of mathematics lessons, teachers do not always set hard enough challenges in order to extend the more-able pupils’ learning even further.



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