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Numeracy Intervention: Success@Arithmetic

Numeracy Intervention: Success@Arithmetic

Success@Arithmetic is a ‘light touch’ calculation-based intervention for children in upper Key Stage 2 who are at about National Curriculum Level 3C or 3B and have difficulties with arithmetic proficiency. It helps them to make faster progress and to catch up with their peers.


A specially trained teacher (Mrs Bingham) makes a detailed initial assessment of each children’s needs and plans an appropriate pathway to develop factual, procedural and conceptual knowledge.


A teaching assistant (Mrs Coburn) delivers up to 24 sessions, adapted from detailed plans according to the children’s needs and progress. The sessions emphasise both mental calculation strategies and written methods and Mrs Coburn helps the children to think and talk about their calculation strategies and written methods.


Success@Arithmetic has been developed in collaboration with Every Child Counts schools.


***Check out the curriculum page of the school website to find out what other intensive numeracy programmes the school offers to support children***