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No Sweets for Birthdays

Dear Parents/Carers,


This letter is to communicate the school’s position in terms of children’s birthdays and the bringing in of sweets to celebrate.


As I am sure you will appreciate, there are a number of children in school who have very specific dietary requirements and would not be allowed to eat sweets or cakes or different foods that might be sent in from homes.


However, the generosity of families who wish to allow the class to celebrate their child’s birthday is such a lovely part of Hamer school life and we thank and appreciate our families for extending such warmth to each other!


Therefore, the school’s position is that, if you wish to have your child’s birthday celebrated with the class, we would be delighted if this takes the form of:


*A book to donate to the classroom library collection

*A class pack of pencils or pens


This way, everyone can be included in your lovely gesture!


Any chocolates or sweets sent in the future will now have to be returned to home.


Thank you, as always, for your continued support and kindness,


Mr Moore