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Maths Club

Children in Year 2 and Year 3 attended Times Tables Rockstars club this week. It was the first session of this club, which will run to half term, and children were very excited. Some time was spent in this session getting to know how well the children know their multiplication facts. Next week, children will be playing games and accessing the Rockstars site in order to improve their speedy recall of these facts. All children attending the club will have their own passwords and logins and will be able to access the site at home as well. Please encourage this, as these are vital maths skills which need developing and ALL children are expected to know all of the multiplication facts up to and including 12X12 by the end of Year 4.

On this note, the current Year 2 children will be the first to sit the new Multiplication tables check in June 2020 which has been introduced by the current government,

Times tables Rockstars will be relaunched across the rest of school over the next few weeks and there will be an exciting competition to look out for. Watch this space!