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Letter to Highways Department

8th December 2014


Dear Highways Department,


I am writing to ask for some support with an issue that is affecting our children and families at Hamer Community Primary School and Springside Special School.


We have a subway around the corner from school, the purpose of which is to provide the only safe opportunity for people to cross from one side of two very busy roads to the other, one of which is a dual carriageway leading onto a busy roundabout.

Parents often talk about the state of the subway.  Comments made regularly by parents since I began at the school as Headteacher in September 2014 point to the fact that the subway is quite filthy, graffiti-plastered and smelly.  The drainage system is poor and the floor-grids at the end of the passageway are blocked with mud and leaves, frequently.  The subway is also poorly lit and parents feel unsafe using it on dark winter mornings and afternoons.  


This morning, as the drainage system is so poor and clogged up, the subway was flooded and impassable.  As a result of these ongoing subway issues, our parents are choosing to cross a very busy dual carriageway, rather than wade through filthy water or risk the intimidating ambience of a poorly lit, smelly subway in the dark.  


I am worried that there will be a serious accident involving Hamer children and families which could be avoided if the subway was better lit and continually maintained (after something of a necessary facelift in light of its current state) and I would like to enlist your support with this issue.


I look forward to working with you in the hope of solving this problem and thank you in advance of your response.




Simon Moore


Hamer Community Primary School