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IPLCN Outdoor Learning Day 2014

IPLCN Outdoor Learning Day

On Tuesday (25th February, 2014) school representatives from our IPLCN group of schools worked collaboratively at Ashworth Valley Scout Camp.  Mrs Kershaw organised the event for the IPLCN with Mrs Flynn, Miss Wild, Miss Mullane and Mrs Casey also supporting the learning.  The children (and staff) enjoyed a number of learning activities out in this exciting outdoor classroom alongside children from different schools and communities.  Thanks to those members of staff for supporting the children and leading the learning activities and to Mrs Kershaw in particular for organising the event.


Qasim from Belfield School said: “I enjoyed working with children from other IPLCN schools because I was able to work in groups with other children.”


When Aqsa, from Marland Hill School, was asked if she enjoyed working with children from the other IPLCN schools, she replied, “Definitely, because I made new friends and learnt about their schools.”