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IPLCN Netball Tournament

IPLCN Netball Tournament

On the afternoon of Monday 15th June 2015, Miss Holden took some children to play in the IPLCN netball tournament.  The children played 4 games against Marland hill, Green bank and Moorhouse. Miss Holden was the umpire along with a TA from Greenbank to keep it fair. The children played 8 minute games and were given 1 point for a draw and 2 points for a win. We beat Greenbank and Moorhouse but lost to Marland (who won all their games.)


The final was between Marland and Hamer.  There were some stunning shooting attempts by Arzu but unfortunately Marland hill won 2-1.


The children played really well and worked together as a team. As always, their behaviour was exceptional.


Fingers crossed for next year!