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Hamer Gamers

Hamer Gamers

A group of Year 5/6 children have been selected to participate in a unique project at Hamer.  Mr Khan, working alongside a computing specialist, has set up a bespoke programming project consisting of children demonstrating enthusiasm and talent in this subject.  


Although many of these sessions have and will continue take place during school time, these dedicated children gave up their own time and came into to school during the February half-term holiday to complete some of the objectives which they have been working on in class. 


Below is an overview of some of the objectives to be covered, as part of the Computing project:



*create interesting and challenging games

*design and plan the games

*write the code for the games

*test, de-bug and improve the games

*annotate ad explain some of the code



*write the rules for the game

*gaming magazine – write a review of the game

*create a poster or advert for the game

*create a movie advertising/promoting the games

*Prezi presentation – Dragon’s Den investment in the company

(present to SLT, Governors, experts etc)



*design company logo

*produce graphics for the poster

*design and cover for the game