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Hamer Gamers Showcase Event

Hamer Gamers Showcase Event

Please find below the details of a Computing event that is being organised by Hamer for the IPLCN.


Hamer Primary School will be hosting an IPLCN ICT School Improvement Project event for professional development.  The School Improvement Project centres around the following:


*It is a bespoke programming project (Hamer Gamers) exclusive to our school in order to meet the demands of the NC requirements for computing as per our SDP

*8 talented children have been developing computing skills with cross curricular links, supported by a specialist ICT consultant and they will be presenting the work that they have undertaken

*The project is to raise expectations and the profile of computing

*The project also supports the development of Hamer’s Learning Leaders Initiative and we hope to use the Learning Leaders to support their peers in the future

*The showcase event will be one where children present the final outcomes and where we as a group of schools celebrate their achievements and successes


The date will be Thursday 25th June from 3.15 – 4.15pm.


For further info, please contact Mr Moore or Mr Khan.