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Free School Meal Forms

All government-funded schools offer universal school meals to every pupil in Reception to Year 2. However, if you think you may be entitled anyway to claim a free school meal benefit because of your income or circumstances it’s essential you still apply for this because:


Funding is granted to schools, based on the number of their pupils who are entitled to receive these free meals. For every pupil entitled to claim free school meals as a benefit, the school receives £1,300. This money can be used in a variety of creative and innovative ways to help support individual pupils and the whole school community.


If parents with children in Y3 – Y6 feel they may be able to receive additional help due to income or circumstances, please contact the RMBC on 01706 647474 and choose option 1.  If you would like to complete a free school meal form, please come and collect one from the school office. It is always worth a try even if you are not sure.