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Forest School - July 2015

Forest School - July 2015 

Just before the children finished for their summer holidays, a group of specially chosen Year 6 children helped Miss Mullane support a group of Reception children in forest school.


The children had the chance to spend an afternoon in the sunshine participating in a range of forest school activities.


Before the children entered the forest school Miss Mullane told them about the story of ‘The Little People’ who inhabit Hamer’s Forest School site, Miss Mullane told the children that they had to be quiet when they entered the forest school and to tread carefully, making sure they didn’t stand on any of the little people.


Once the children entered, they soon spotted a tree that was different to the all the other trees, this was the ‘Friendship Tree’ and hanging on the branches were brightly coloured strands of magic dragons breath! Miss Mullane instructed the children to make friendship bracelets with the dragons’ breath and this would help gain the trust of the little people.

The Year 6 children worked with a child from reception and supported them in making a friendship bracelet. 


Once they had made their bracelets, Miss Mullane went on to tell the children that the houses in which the little people lived had been destroyed over night by the dragons. Saqlain suggested that the children should work in groups and make new houses for the little people using the natural resources lying around on the forest floor.


Finally before heading back into school Miss Mullane showed the children how to make some bird feeders using willow and cheerios, the children had to thread the breakfast cereal onto a piece of willow before tying a knot with a piece of raffia, making a loop and hanging these on the trees in the forest for the birds to feed on.


All the children from both year 6 and reception behaved perfectly and demonstrated amazing team work, Miss Mullane was really impressed with the maturity of the year 6 children and was grateful  for all their help and leadership skills they demonstrated.