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Children learn to reduce their carbon footprint

Children learn to reduce their carbon footprint

Children at Hamer Community Primary School have been learning about the impact of their travel choices on their carbon footprint. 

Pupils took part in a session where they were asked to evaluate the causes and implications of global warming and what the phrase 'carbon footprint` meant to them. 

The class used the Little Planet module on the DingDing website to look at how much carbon was produced by their current journeys, and were fascinated to find out how it changed depending on how they travelled. 

Simon Moore, who will become head teacher of Hamer Community Primary School in September, said: “Our pupils were absolutely fantastic and were really enthusiastic during the session. The DingDing website has provided exciting opportunities for the children to discuss environmental issues and better understand the role and value of public transport through these activities.” 

DingDing is aimed at educating children aged five to 14 about public transport issues in a fun and entertaining way. It was launched in 2004 and has been so popular that TfGM is now looking to develop an interactive mobile-friendly version of the Little Planet module – which is by far the most popular section of the site. 

The module is being developed through the Ticket to Kyoto project, which focuses on sustainable travel and has installed the hydroelectric screw at Rochdale Interchange to partly power the Interchange.