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We are experiencing an increase in late arrivals at school, which impacts negatively upon pupil learning. If your child arrives at:


They start work straight away and are able to rehearse basic Maths and English skills. They are getting the best start possible.


They have missed most of their basic skills work and are not going to perform as well in these areas.


They have missed all of their basic skills and will fall behind in these areas. Over a week, they will miss 1hour and 15 mins learning. Over a year this is 47 ½ hours – almost 2 weeks worth of school.


They have missed all of their basic skills and some of their first lesson. They will arrive stressed and anxious and will be marked as late. This will not set them up for a productive day and they will fall behind their peers. They will miss just over 2 hours learning a week – over 76 hours over the year.


They will miss much of their crucial learning time and this will have a negative impact upon learning and progress. They will be marked late after the register closes and this counts as an unauthorised absence for the whole morning.