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15th May 2015 – The last day of SATs week!

Dear Year 6,

The adults and children of Hamer Primary School would like to write to you today to say thank you and well done for getting through this very important week.


Not only that, we would like to commend you for all the work you have put in, not just in the build-up to SATs, but throughout your time here at Hamer. 

Importantly, we want you to know that whatever “Level” you achieve when the results are published, Hamer school is proud of you. We also want you to know we are thankful to have you here as the well-rounded, wonderful people you are, none of which has anything much to do with SATs and levels!! So this letter is really addressed to….


Those of you who are brilliant at drawing, football, dance, or changing the words of songs to vocalise our school values.  Those of you who smile and say hello EVERY day at the front gate to the staff on duty.  Those of you who have generously donated food to the Rochdale foodbank, our assigned charity this year, to help those less fortunate than ourselves to have the most basic of needs met in our community.  Those of you who remember to say please and thank you to our lovely lunchtime staff when you go for lunch.  Those of you who lead games on the playground, help each other with your work, support each other, have a kind word for an upset Hamer-colleague….the list is endlessly full of things you will never be given a SATs paper on and never be given a level for.  And guess what year 6?  You do all of this so well, every day at Hamer.  AND IT IS NOTICED AND APPRECIATED!!

So this letter is really addressed to……Each and every one of Hamer Year 6!


We hope you all feel that you will leave Hamer better learners and better people for having been here.  But what you must also remember is that Hamer will ALWAYS be a better place because you were here.


Well done on being you!!


All our thanks, love and appreciation,