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Maths Passports

What are they?

They are a series of 9 passports which the children will work their way through during their time at Hamer. Passports are progressive (depending upon age and ability) and contain objectives related to the recall of certain number facts. These facts, when learnt, will allow the children to more effectively operate in many other areas of their mathematics.


Why are we using them?

·         To improve the speedy recall of number facts throughout the school

·         To provide a framework through which the children will progress

·         To motivate and enthuse the children and reward them for their efforts

·         To involve parents and allow them to more effectively support their children

·         To provide a focus for appropriate and effective interventions to be delivered 

How will they be used in school?

Children will be expected to work on their passport skills for 10 minutes each day (times will be flexible and arranged by the class teacher). They will be encouraged to work with others who are on the same passport and resources will be available to support their learning. On a regular basis, they will be tested on one objective and when they have demonstrated on 3 occasions that they know the relevant number facts, the objective will be ticked off in their passport. They will continue in this way until all the objectives have been achieved and at this point the next passport will be issued.


All classes will have a display in their rooms to show how children are progressing and special certificates, to celebrate achievements, will be awarded in assemblies.

How can you help at home?

We will send home a copy of the passport that your child is currently working on and they will know which objective they are focusing on. Please encourage them to practise with you for a short period each day - five or ten minutes is all that is needed.


Any time that you spend practising with your child will be valuable and, together, we can ensure that the children of Hamer become more fluent mathematicians, able to meet the challenges that will face them in later life.

What passports are there?


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