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IPLCN Cricket

7 children from year KS2 were lucky enough to take part in an IPLCN cricket competition. This was hosted at Rochdale cricket ground. As always, the children's behaviour was exemplary. They showed great sportsman ship and worked together as a team. Unfortunately we didn't win, however we did score the highest amount of runs in the whole competition.

Letter from Yasin Khan

Schools Equality & Community Cohesion Lead


Dear all


I am writing to thank your wonderful pupils & staff who participated in the cohesion event at the Rochdale town hall yesterday. All the guests from the Local Authority, Police, as well as the Mayor and Mayoress were highly impressed and I felt compelled to write to congratulate your wonderful students.


The young people’s speeches were excellent and their delivery was outstanding. I know it must have been daunting to stand in front of officers in the great hall, but to their credit the young people did a fantastic job.


I am sure you will be very proud of all the participants. The issues, points and ideas that were raised by the young were exceptionally brilliant and highly thought provoking.  We hope to take on board the suggestions made by your students with colleagues within the council departments as well as our partner agencies.


The young people and the staff deserve some recognition for all their hard work and dedication on this project. I was privileged to witness the great partnership work that is going on with your respective schools and of course the Rochdale sixth form college.


Your students have proved that they are the future leaders and pioneers of community cohesion. This was an excellent example of effective partnership working between schools, the Rochdale Sixth form college as well as the Local Authority and the police.


It is my sincere hope that next year we can make this event even bigger and better and I wish you all the best for the future. If there is anything I can do to help please let me know.


Well one and keep up the great work.


Kind regards


Yasin Khan

Community Cohesion Presentation Ceremory at Rochdale Town Hall

Our wonderful Community Cohesion children took part in their final session today at Rochdale Town Hall.


Over the past nine months our children have been working with pupils from Marland Primary and students from Rochdale 6th Form, talking about what Rochdale means to them.


Before starting to write their speeches, each of the triads created a manifesto deciding what they felt as individuals they should bring to their groups. The triads then designed fantasy maps, drawing and reflecting on what they wanted the ‘ideal Rochdale’ to look like.  This then led onto lots of discussion about what they wanted to feature in their speech.


Over the past few weeks the children and students have been working hard to learn their speeches.


Mr Moore, Mr Khan and Miss Mullane had the pleasure in accompanying the children to Rochdale Town Hall today, and as always they made us proud to be a part of Hamer Primary School.  The children delivered their speeches in the Grand Hall to some very important people from the council, police and education department, who fed back and answered some of the points raised in their speeches.


All the adults in the room were blown away with not only the high standard and quality of the speeches, but how well the students and pupils presented themselves.

IPLCN Netball Tournament

Miss Holden took some children to play in the IPLCN netball tournament.  The children played 4 games against Marland hill, Green bank and Moorhouse. Miss Holden was the umpire along with a TA from Greenbank to keep it fair. The children played 8 minute games and were given 1 point for a draw and 2 points for a win. We beat Greenbank and Moorhouse but lost to Marland (who won all their games.)


The final was between Marland and Hamer.  There were some stunning shooting attempts by Arzu but unfortunately Marland hill won 2-1.


The children played really well and worked together as a team. As always, their behaviour was exceptional.


Fingers crossed for next year! 

Community Cohesion Ambassadors

The team met at Hamer, together with their colleagues from Marland Hill and the Sixth Form Students to write their speeches which they will go on to make at the town hall to express their vision for the future of Rochdale.  Well done Team!

Community Cohesion

Our Community Cohesion Ambassadors took part in the latest event at Rochdale Cricket Club. The children were brilliant and took part in some really good work with their learning 3’s made up of a Hamer child, a Marland Hill child and a 6th Form College Student.  They met with three people from the town planning department to make practical suggestions to tackle issues in the planning of new building projects for Rochdale.  It is wonderful to be part of a Local Authority that truly values pupil/student voice in such innovative and creative ways.  Thank you Rochdale Town Planning Department!

IPLCN Music Festival

IPLCN Music Festival at Marland Hill Primary School. All 11 IPLCN schools took part; each school performed an individual piece.  Mr Rimmer (Music Co-ordinator at Marland Hill) led the event and brought the whole festival together. It was a brilliant event!

Community Cohesion Event @Marland Hill

The community cohesion group met at Marland Hill School.  They worked in their triads writing their manifestos.  All these will be available to read after their next meeting.

Creativity Week 

Across school, the children have been developing their creative skills with the theme of “The Tunnel” a story written by Anthony Browne.  An amazing amount of thought and effort has gone into the work with brilliant outcomes.  Well done everyone!

Community Cohesion Ambassadors

Community Cohesion Ambassadors from Hamer and Marland Hill met to work together on making town maps and plans of all of the things to create a harmonious, cohesive community.  Their ideas, as always, were outstanding.  I came away wishing they were all our town councilors for real! Well done.

Community Cohesion

The community cohesion ambassadors went over to Marland Hill Primary School to work with our colleagues there.  We had a presentation and question/answer session with two Magistrates who helped us to understand the judicial system in the UK.  We learned all about fairness and making decisions without prejudice being the most important values for a Magistrate to hold.  The children from Marland Hill and Hamer are working really well together on some very challenging themes.

Level 6 Maths Club

At Hamer, we are always looking for opportunities to extend our more able children.  This year, four children from Year 6 will be attending an IPLCN Maths Club at Marland Hill, where they will be developing skills in problem solving and logic and reasoning.  These sessions will be creative, challenging, fun and extend the children's mathematical thinking.  The children will then use these skills, in school, by sharing their experiences with their peers (Leaders of Learning).

Community Cohesion 

We are extremely proud of our Community Cohesion Ambassadors. They joined pupils from Marland Hill Primary School and students from Rochdale Sixth Form College. The group is working together to try and create a vision of a better future for Rochdale. As ever, our pupils had excellent behavior, wonderful ideas and superb team spirit. It is lovely when people from other institutions comment on how well our pupils behave and work. 

Community Cohesion 

The meeting was held at Hamer this week, and all the children from both Marland and Hamer had a fantastic session. They discussed the four ‘buzz words’ stimulate, challenge, innovate and negotiate, the children then fed back their ideas to the rest of the group.


The next activity involved the children working in their pairs and talking through a group of cards to find their 3 most important. The children then discussed their ideas as a whole group saying why they had chosen the cards they had chosen, another successful activity.


Community Cohesion Event at Marland Hill

Mr. Moore and Miss Mullane took the eight community cohesion ambassadors to Marland Hill Primary School to take part in the first community cohesion meeting.


The children talked about what the outcomes of the community cohesion group were going to be, they were linked up with a partner; a representative from each of the schools.


The children talked about the four ‘buzz words’ and what they thought they meant these were: stimulate, innovate, negotiate and challenge. The children all came up with some fantastic ideas.


Our children had impeccable behaviour and manners and made Mr. Moore and Miss Mullane very proud to be apart of the community cohesion between the two schools.   

School Council visit Ashworth Valley

Miss Mullane and Hamer’s fabulous HLTA’s organized a school council event for the 11 schools in the IPLCN group.  The children had a wonderful time, learning and socialising with children from across Rochdale and Oldham.