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IPLCN Collaborative

The IPLCN – Inspirational Professional Learning Community Network

“Because they’re ALL our children”


Hamer school has a long term history of collaboration involving events for our children and support, challenge and rigour in terms of self-evaluation.

An Annual Events Calendar is compiled each year and different partnership schools take responsibility for organising and hosting different events.  There are 12 primary Schools in the IPLCN Collaborative:



Springside Special School

Marland Hill






St Andrews




Hamer takes responsibility for organising the Annual School Councils event at Ashworth Valley where the school councils of each partnership school take part in outdoor learning and forest schools activities run by the Hamer HLTA team. The Hamer Sports Leader also organises an annual trip to Sheffield Stadium to raise aspiration for gifted and talented sports people.  Other schools take responsibility for organising intra-collaborative sporting tournaments such as Girls Football and Boys Football, Hockey, Netball Tournaments, cycling event, Dance and Music Festivals, Gifted and Talented Maths club. Hamer School takes full advantage of these so that our children are encouraged to meet with a wide range of children all with a social and professional stake in the Rochdale Community.


We actively seek to support and challenge each other in our schools with the collaborative vision statement at the heart of all we do:


“Because they are ALL our children.”