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Curriculum and Assessment

Outline of Maths sessions at Hamer

Whilst specific timetables vary in each unit, all children at Hamer will experience the following Maths based sessions during the week:

Delivery of National Curriculum strands (including all those relating to Number, Measurement, Geometry, Statistics and Algebra) -  4 sessions per wk. These sessions will allow for coverage of the strands and will encompass elements of reasoning about number and problem solving.

Specific reasoning/problem solving sessions – 1 session per week. These sessions will allow for the teaching and application of specific problem solving strategies (see Problem Solving policy).

Mental maths – 1 session of basic skills per week. This session is designed to promote the speedy recall of facts and allow for the application and rehearsal of mental maths strategies -vital if children are to increase their fluency.

Assertive Mentoring- 2 sessions per week –testing and teaching to the gaps to run over a two weekly cycle.

Maths Passports – daily if possible for 10-15 mins (plus homework) – see Passport guidance.



Children will be assessed on an on-going basis and at various set points throughout the year. Assessment allows for gaps to be identified and plugged and ensures that work is pitched appropriately. 

Basic Skills Check. This is every fortnight and is stage specific. It informs teaching and learning in the following 3 sessions.

Half termly tests. These are every half term during assessment week. Results are analysed and common gaps highlighted.  These are then used to formulate targets for the next half term.

Arithmetic papers – these will be delivered in all year groups 1-6 in order to help prepare for the new style testing and highlight gaps in understanding.

In Year 2 and UKS2 we will also continue to do SATs style testing in preparation for the end of key stage tests.