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Forest School

Week Five


Today, the Nursery children had the opportunity to explore the forest school. They started off the session by playing a listening game; the children had to listen really carefully and tell the others what they could hear. Some of the children heard the wind blowing the leaves in the trees; others heard the cars on the road and lots of the children heard children talking.


The children then had to explore the forest school, looking in the trees for jigsaw pieces of mini-beasts that Miss Mullane had hidden for them.


All the children worked together and found all the pieces, helping each other reach for the pieces that were higher up. Once they had found all the pieces, the children placed them together to make pictures of different mini-beasts.

Week Four 


Today, in forest school, some of the children chose to paint whilst the rest of the group decided to play hide and seek.


The children, who had wanted to paint first, had to make their own paintbrushes. They had to find natural materials in the forest school to help them make their paintbrushes. We had some ingenious ideas for paintbrushes!!


It was the last forest school session with our special visitors from Meadowfields; we have really enjoyed working with our new friends. Hopefully we will be able to arrange more forest school sessions together in the future.

Week Three


Another amazing day was spent in forest school with the Reception children and our visitors from Meadowfields. We were so lucky to have such fantastic weather!


In the morning, the children made collages to tell the story of We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. Working together, the children used various media to create the different parts of the story.


In the afternoon, the children made stick men, which had been requested by one of the children (fabulous idea Ali). He talked to the children about what they had to do; he explained what they would need and how to make a stick man.


Miss Mullane was blown away with the team work between the children from Hamer and Meadowfields and the quality of the work they produced!

Week Two


Today the children in the morning session went on a bear hunt; they had to find pictures from the story hidden in the trees before retelling the story. Once the children had found all the parts of the story, they then acted out the different scenes from the story of We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.

In the afternoon the children made their own paintbrushes from resources they found in forest school, they all then created a piece of artwork.

Week One


The children in reception had great fun exploring their surroundings in the forest school today. They started off by playing a listening game, they had to listen very carefully and describe what they could hear.

They then had to go and explore and find something that they found interesting, the children found a variety of different sticks, seeds, leaves and a few dandelions. We were lucky enough to be joined by some children from Medowfields Nursery who will be participating in forest school for the next few weeks.