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Math's Happiness Project – Spreading the happiness

Following our Happiness Fair, which was held on the afternoon of Friday 1st July 2016 (where we raised £593.76), the children and teachers have been busy spreading the ‘Hamer Happiness’ further afield. Below are the details of where and how this happiness was spread, with each class deciding upon a focus for their follow up projects within the community.

EYFS & Year 5

These groups donated food to Rochdale foodbank.

They went shopping at Morrisons first (where they were given an extra donation of £50.00) and used their maths skills to get the best deals with their money. A special assembly was then held on Thursday 21st July, where a representative from the foodbank was handed the items.

KS1 – Years 1 & 2

Children in KS1 donated to a charity which helps integrate and settle refugee and asylum seekers into local communities – an issue that was recently raised by our British Values Ambassadors.

Year 3

These children donated plants to Springhill Hospice so that they could fill more broken plant pots for their grounds. They met the gardener from the hospice at Gordon Riggs garden centre and he showed the children which plants to buy. They had to use their maths skills to work out what they could afford and then pay for them. The children then went to the hospice to hand them over – sharing a few jokes and magic tricks before they left.


Year 3 / 4

After carrying out some research, the children in this class decided to donate their money to Water Aid – a charity that helps provide safe, clean drinking water in 37 countries around the world. 


Year 4

The children decided that they wanted to donate toys and games to a local hospital. A group first went to a local shop, where they used their maths skills to buy items that they thought other children may enjoy – working out what they could get with their money. A different group then took the items to Oldham Hospital, where they were handed over to the play worker. 


Year 5 / 6

The children decided that they wanted to visit some local old people. On the 20th July, the whole class went to visit Yew Court (sheltered/retirement accommodation), where they provided items for a tea party along with cards and dominoes for the residents to play. After spending some time chatting and playing, the children were invited back at any time. The class also donated some of the money that they raised to two other class charities – Water Aid and the Salvation Army - thus spreading their happiness even further!

Maths across the curriculum

The week beginning the 22nd February was Maths through Art and DT week in school. The week started with an assembly from Mrs Terry, during which she explored the idea of using maths skills in other curriculum areas and indeed in our everyday lives. Throughout the week, children were given the chance to apply their maths skills across the curriculum into other subject areas and in this way they were able to see the importance of possessing sound and transferable basic skills in maths. The week was rounded off with another assembly, where children had a chance to share the skills that they had used and the products that they had made. Below is a summary of this information:


Weighing & measuring – capacity and weight – reading scales – number recognition




Knowledge of 2d and 3d shape – names & properties


Repeating patterns


Making memory boxes for current topic


Knowledge of 2d shapes - names & properties

Parallel & perpendicular lines


Symmetrical patterns


Use of a compass to draw circles


Art in the style of Kandinsky




Islamic art


Knowledge of 2d and 3d shape – names & properties


Measures (including money)

Scale (ratio & proportion)

Angles (related to strengthening structures)

Calculation – all 4 number operations


Designing and making Anderson Shelters as part of their current topic.

 Please see below for some photographs taking during the final assembly of the week.

Key Stage 1 and Reception Nativity

On Wednesday 9th and Thursday 10th of December,  Foundation and Key Stage 1 children put on a fantastic performance of ‘Baa, Baa Bethlehem.” They have worked so hard to learn songs, scripts and actions over the last few weeks and excelled themselves with a truly outstanding show! Parents, children and staff really enjoyed it and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house! Well done!


Have a look at some of the photographs from the show to see what a great time they all had!

Sleeping Beauty

The whole school had a real Christmas treat this week with a fabulous performance of Sleeping Beauty by M & M Theatre Productions.

Maths Curriculum Afternoon


On Tuesday 1st December, Mrs Terry organised a Maths Curriculum afternoon for parents to come in to find out more about the types of Maths activities and resources that the children are using in their learning at school. You will see from the photographs that the event was  well attended and we hope that even more parents will attend future curriculum events.  The atmosphere was lovely and seeing children and parents working and learning together was a joy.  Thank you to all who supported the event including Mrs Terry and the Maths Team who organised, set up and joined in with the maths, fun and challenges at the event.

Enterprise Week 2015

Enterprise Week has several purposes: to teach children about money and running a business, to teach teamwork, to create a real purpose for Design and Technology activities, to apply cross curricular skills and last but not least to have fun.

Enterprise Week took place during the afternoons of the week beginning 19th October 2015, when each class became a business for the week. They decided on a business name and logo, carried out customer research, chose a product to make for sale, created a financial plan and marketed their products through posters, leaflets, and a presentation in assembly

They had to approach the bank (Mrs Terry) for a loan to cover the materials they needed to buy. Then the making process began.

This term, the theme for the products was recycling and children quickly rose to the challenge of becoming the most profitable business. With donations from home and calls to local businesses, costs were kept to a minimum and the race was on. Children clearly put a great deal of effort into producing work which others would want to buy and the Enterprise Fair on Friday on Friday 23rd was a huge success (with several stalls selling out of  their goods).

Mrs Terry would like to say a huge thank you to all the children, staff and parents for making this event such a success. All that remains is for the two winning (most profitable) classes to be announced. Watch this space…


See below for pictures from the Enterprise Fair.

Enterprise Week-The Winners

Enterprise Pitches