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Eco Warriors

We have an active Eco Council here at Hamer that is organised by Mrs Kershaw and two representatives from every class. The aim of the council is to interest and involve children in their outside environment, giving them some ownership around thinking about how to improve and utilise it, along with gardening skills. In our school grounds each class already has it's own garden plot in which to grow vegetables and flowers throughout the year. 

The Eco Warrior's first job was to find out what could be grown in the garden plots and what individual classes would like to see there. They also looked around the school grounds and came up with  the idea of adding colour and interest by planting bulbs among existing bushes and landscaping. The next step was to make our case for funding to Mrs Cunningham and she was very happy to help us out here when she heard about how the school grounds and the children would benefit. 

Eco Warriors in Action!

Eco Warriors in Action! 1
Eco Warriors in Action! 2
Eco Warriors in Action! 3
Eco Warriors in Action! 4