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Community Cohesion Ambassadors

Community Cohesion 2017-18

Wilmot-Dixon Construction have been working with the Town Planning Department in Rochdale to re-generate our town centre over a seven year period. They talked to us about how towns can be developed structurally and improved aesthetically as well as looking at generating business and enterprise in the town.

They also brought in some circuit-building equipment and problem solving activities to help us make links with some aspects of their construction work and out science curriculum in Key Stage Two.


The Community Cohesion Group worked in their triads with a member of the Hamer team, the Marland Hill team and the Sixth Form College to look at a range of texts that explore diverse family units.

After looking at the books, the Community Cohesion Teams noted down and shared ideas about the different types of family units that may exist in our vision for a future Rochdale.

After sharing our ideas about the family books, the groups went on to design carnival floats that might take part in a future Mardi-Gras style event to celebrate the rich diversity that exists in our many different types of households in our community.

Community Cohesion Group

Our wonderful Community Cohesion Ambassadors took part in the first event of the year at Marland Hill.  Mr Moore and Miss Mullane were so proud of them and their ideas about the future for Rochdale.  If we listen to our Hamer and Marland children, the world truly will be an even happier place.

Community Cohesion Event @ Marland Hill